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>So.. it’s official… I’m a Facebook junkie.
Since quitting Sprint last month, I’ve been finding myself on the “Social Network” every day.. almost every other hour or so checking comments…saying hi to friends, or playing Cafe world. Actually I have’t played Cafe World for a few months – I’m guessing it just got old cooking the same stuff on the stoves, but I’ve heard Zynga made it were you can design the exterior of the cafes, and have deliveries involved. Hmm – one of these days gotta check it out.
Trudys’ growing up way too fast – it just seems that a few years ago she was living around the corner in Kingsbridge when she was 8 and I’d bring her and Kenny to the pool during the warm summer weekends.

Kids these days seem to take in alot more adult like info that they really shouldn’t pay attention to. I read on one of Trudys comment that her and her friend was gonna get “Jacked-up” on Mtn Dew. I’m thinking … does one get “Jacked-up” (Drunk) on Mtn Dew?  I wasn’t exactly putting two-and-two together. Anyways Carrie (Trudys friend) saw my comment and told me you mix the Mtn Dew with Vodka. Hmm.. nice info… thanks Carrie! … and how in the world does she know that??!! I mean Carrie is only 13. I didn’t even drink my first beer till I was 17!


Posted October 3, 2010 by shannon in Facebook, FB