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>Welp – gonna take some time off of FB for a while. I need to take a break.

Anyways…Made this back in February for the kids. They were all going thru some sorta drama. And made it just to show em whats really important. Anyways, got a alot of good comments on it. 🙂


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>Why are some attracted to violence?   Leave a comment

>So Tim is showing me his pics from his last trip from the Phillipines, and photos of a cock-fight come up on the screen and he starts describing enthusiastically how they tie the razor blades on the legs of the rooster, and telling me how they sew the birds up after the fight, all the time he’s getting exited about it. It was really ticking me off. I don’t approve of using animals in a blood sport as for entertainment. It barbaric, and ruthless. I can’t see how anyone can call that fun. We might as well go back to the Roman days and watch the bloody battles between the gladiators and the bulls and tigers.

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>Went down to NC/Hertford/SH last night.Had fun. Took , Trudy, Julia & Bree to the movies last night and watched of ALL things “Diary of A Wimpy Kid 2”. Well…. it was n’t exactly the movie you take teens/middle schoolers to. LOL! I think we all felt out of place with all the 5-9 year olders in the theater. Trudy was wanting to a scary movie of some sorts. But nothing was playing. I was laughing my a$$ off with the way these kids were in the theater…. tossing popcorn, sitting/laying on the floor.(which was nasty BTW). Anyways … what counts is they/we had fun.
Bree reminds me ALOT of Derek’s sister Bre (Kara) She acts hyper just like how Bre was when she was around Amanda.  Anyways..driving back the car started overheating… kinda made it a little tougher drive back to Hampton. I should have stayed down there because Angie had asked me to photograph Tonis D-Day party. Oh well. maybe next time. I’m started to get tired right now. Taking a short nap to rest up a bit

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>just want to lmao every time i see one of these tools running, they look like a toddler with a fully loaded diaper

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