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>We all need to be loved.. to be held and appreciated. To be noticed and thought of. It’s a need for humans that no animal has. It’s said that humans have 5 basic needs in order to survive. Water, food, shelter, warmth, and love. Some may say that you don’t even need love. That you can survive without it and keep on living a normal life.

Well.. it’s been proven that depression is caused by a lack of love. Nobody likes the loneliness. People can get so depressed and sink so low that they feel unwanted, worthless and then they decide it’s not even worth living. That since nobody cares, it’s easier to end it so they don’t feel the pain anymore. They try to end their lives to end the pain. Then there are the ones that hurt so bad, that they can literally be sent to the hospital. “Broken Heart Syndrome” is a real issue surprisingly.


Posted March 22, 2011 by shannon in Uncategorized

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