>Why do some people need to be envied when in reality they’re actually miserable?   Leave a comment

>So I come across an interesting question on Answerbag.

Why do some people need to be envied when in reality they’re actually miserable?
It just came to me because when I first meet someone they seem to be this confident person that has a drive through life. Someone that you can really look up to. But when I start to get to know more about them they don’t seem to be that person at all.

So.. of course I had to answer this one:
We all want to be accepted…to be needed and wanted by somebody else… to be loved. Sometimes to be accepted by someone we go thru lengths of being someone we aren’t. We put up a facade of sorts. You could say the most insecure shyest individual could put up an act of being confident if he/she really wanted to. One things for sure… whether you’re rich, or poor, famous or just another “joe off the street”, we’re all the same inside and have our day to day problems and stresses.

None of us are perfect, where all in this together… this thing called life…we all make mistakes and grow old.. and eventually before you know it, we’re buried 6ft in the dirt. Thats why I’ve never really understood the attraction to movie stars. Sure, they make tons of money and it may appear to be glamorous but they have the same problems as you and me, maybe even more. The only difference is their job places them in front of the camera.

As humans, we appreciate honesty and truthfulness. They’re internal values we cherish. If we all acted as ourselves truthfully to others as we really are, was honest and upfront towards one another a little bit more, I wonder what this world would be like?

Read more: Why do some people need to be envied when in reality they’re actually miserable? | Answerbag http://www.answerbag.com/q_view/2430843#ixzz1EU0zoQEy


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