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>So yesterday I headed down to Snug Harbor to watch the Superbowl. Bobby had to work, but Jim and Sam was off. I needed to get out of the house and it helped out. Vickys’ comments to Amanda about trying to leave Derek were really getting to much for me and stressing me out.
Anyways I had a fun time. It was Green Bay vs the Steelers. I’m a Steeler fan at heart as i used to watch them when I was a kid. But this time just because EVERYONE else was going for the Steelers I decided to go for the Packers. I told Mike, Skylar and a few FB friends that Green Bay was going to win by 6 points. And they did!! The final score was 25-31 Green Bay. I never called a game right like that! 🙂 The halftime show with the Black Eye Peas were ok. They didn’t sound right first of all, and Fergies mic was messin up.

When I first got down there I had alot of pent up energy, prob from wanting to get outta of the house here and wanting to see Bri and Trudy. I didn’t really get to spend time with Bri as she was busy with Sam and Arianna. Trudy and me hit the trampoline and had a blast. Man I love that thing!! You get a good workout, and at the same time it makes u feel like a kid again.

Trudy was really lovable and was being fun yesterday. While she, Sam, Jim and I were watching the game I was helping her edit some pics she had just took earlier. I didn’t realize it till I got home, but my niece has really gotten so beautiful. Just hope she keeps doing great in school, and doesn’t get distracted too much with the guys in school. Something tells me it’s gonna be really tough for her when she hits High School. :-/ Huh!… you think I’m protective of you now girl… just wait! LOL
When I say beautiful, yes… she is on the outside, but even more in the heart. She’s been thru alot with her friends in the past few months, arguments, and fights, but she said she wants to “wipe the slate clean” and start new. That statement made me think that she’s gotten really mature and cares for her friends. Smart kiddo, very very smart 😀


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