>They’re like making a cake :-)   Leave a comment

>One of my favorite sayings is this: “diamonds, babies, relationships…. some of the most precious things take the longest to make”
Yeah.. it’s true. When it comes to relationships, whether it’s best friends, boyfriend/girlfiend, or full out marriages, take your time in each of them to make them work.

When you’re in a relationship you got to take your time in measuring the ingredients first and slowly let it grow. If you rush and don’t take your time with it, you may not end up with something worth having or keeping.

So.. I mentioned ingredients huh? Well.. in every relationship, whether it’s in high school dating, or full fledge marriage, there are important pieces or ingredients to the relationship to make them work.

1 Communication (baking powder)
2. Teamwork  (salt)
3. Forgiveness  (sugar)
4. Understanding (eggs)
5. Commitment  (milk)
6. and finally .. love  (flour)

There’s one thing you may be asking. “Hey…where’s the sex? I mean there’s sex in a relationship… right?”
Well, that’s true BUT, it’s not really an ingredient, but more like the results of mixing all the ingredients up & baking the cake. It’s the enjoyment you get when eating the cake.

If any of these ingredients in a relationship are missing or you rush it, you may have difficulties working it out, and it may not end up making it. What was supposed to be a cake may end up being tossed out. You may end up being heartbroken.

If you take your time, use all the ingredients right, you’ll have a relationship more beautiful, longer lasting, savor & love every moment with that person.


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