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>So I just got finished balling my eyes out. I found out a 15 year old girl in Virginia Beach killed herself last Monday which they had the memorial this evening. My god!!!… 15 years old… she was sooo young! It really upsets me hearing kids going thru soo much pain that they have no other way out. But they do… they have family friends & loved ones who they can talk to. Thats what a father or mother is their for… to help you out with your problems… to be their for you… to lend you. Teens need to realize they have soo much to live for.

RIP Allison Arnold – May God remember you 😦



Posted January 24, 2011 by shannon in Uncategorized

2 responses to “>Too young to leave us

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  1. >man its a good thing people are taking a stand against this issue of teen suicide.. have you heard of the march of voices? this guy created a walk in allison's honor… check it out. it looks pretty sweet.https://sites.google.com/site/taamov/

  2. >I've been following up on the articles since Allisons passing, and I know about the walk. I plan to be there. Yeah.. the kids these days have it alot tougher than most adults went thru even 10 years ago. From the bullying, drama, relationships..etc.

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