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> I so much wish these kids would concentrate on school, classes, grades and their future instead of relationships and boyfriends. They would really be soo much happier in the long run.
I know these kids get lonely and they get into the guys. But in middle school they think “forever”. But they don’t realize that “forever” is a word for engaged and married couples. Guys in middle school and high school don’t even know what that word is concerning relationships. I hate seeing these kids get their heart broken. And it happens too many times. It really pulls at my heart 😦

Well, were having issues on the homefront too. Amanda and Derek are having problems. Derek is wanting Amanda to change her plane ticket to go back to CO Springs on the 1st, because “she has responsibilities and things to do back home”. Ok.. yeah.. I understand she needs to register the truck, and do taxes, but sheesh!! She can do that stuff in like 2 days!! It doesn’t take an entire month to do that! To top it off, Vicky and Sue aren’t helping things telling her to leave him. I’m getting really pissed about that.
My daughter is 22 and an adult and married. She needs to make any decision that goes on between them on her own. She needs to think this out on her own. I love my daughter so much, but even I wouldn’t shove her away from trying to work a marriage out. Why? Because she would think of herself as a failure. Even if it is Derek causing problems, I let her decide what she wants to do.

Anyways, Amanda, Kenny and I all went to Patrick Henry Mall just to get out of the house for a while. We hit a couple of clothe stores, Pacsun and American Eagle Outfitters and bought a couple of shirts. I don’t know what it is with women and shopping. I guess it’s some sort of stress reliever or something… I dunno, but I had fun spending time with Amanda tonight. She is a amazing mom to Conner, and a wonderful daughter to me 😀 I couldn’t have asked for anything better. She’s been closer to us and the family more than ever.


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