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>Welp…the kids in general on FB, from Bri, Trudy, Carrie, Skylar…etc have somehow pushed a button in my heart, I love helping them out, giving the kids pointers, directions, and guidance, but the past few weeks since being on FB everyday, I’ve been really, really bummed out. Not getting any jobs (getting customers lately), and knowing Amanda and Conner will be leaving in a few weeks isn’t helping. It actually hurts.

So Trudy… my sweet niece (insert sarcasm) apparently found out that Dara made a profile of a guy named Tony Scott and posted on her profile that she was dating him. I kind of figured this, but was kept quiet as the poor kid is so lonely. I wasn’t going to crush her heart and tell her she’s screwed in the head for making a fake BF up. She’s young, her heart is really desperate and lonely. But Trudy on the other hand said something to her and gave her some crap. Wrong way to go about it!! Anyways, I chatted with Dara to see how she was doing. I think she’s good, she handled it well and was mad at Trudy for putting her down. Dara invited me to Skype. I was kind of hesitant, but looking forward to cheering her up. I haven’t done a Skype video chat like that. It was pretty cool seeing “Goober” again đŸ˜€

Tweaked around 10 pics tonight from the other day and one for Skylar and Dara. I just want to put a smile of the kids faces. Mann.. the comments these kids get from their friends … make me feel pretty good.


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