>They’re still young, and they’ve already gone thru soo much.   Leave a comment

>So I spent Saturday night and Sunday over at Jim and Beckys in E-City and had a blast with Trudy and Bri. It wasn’t planned but in the shape that Becky was in, Vicky, Amanda, and I all agreed that I should spend the night to keep an eye out on Becky and her meds. I even hid the box with her drugs in the hallway closet, and she didn’t even notice until the morning. Jim, Bobby, and the family really need to monitor her dosages.
Trudy sees it and it really upsets her and I’m concerned about that because no 13year old should see her own mom walking down the hallway in a semi-comatose state. I saw it in Trudy’s eyes when she asked if we could take her and Bri back to Hampton. It was a sad moment….Ohh man… I feel for those kids.

I met Julia, one of Trudys friends. She’s got what I call “kind eyes”. They’ve have a kind of sorrowful look to them. I realize all these kids today have some sort of family problems and that really tugs my heart. One of Trudys friends parents are divorced, lives with her Mom and lets he daughter hang out till 10 at night (at 11 years old!). Another friends Mom has mental issues and has had to go thru psyc treatment when she through a large book at her own daughter. (I’m assuming it hit her to cause her to go to the hospital – otherwise it likely wouldn’t have been reported) Yet another kid saw her own mother get killed by her father when she was 7. (this was verified by Jim) Anyways, I guess thats why I get so concerned about kids who aren’t even my own. They’re still young, and they’ve already gone thru soo much. I guess thats why I just wanna wrap my arms around them.

You know there’s one thing I like that I see in these kids that I never saw when I was there age. They all seem to have a real strong bond of friendship. Especially with the girls and Trudys friends. They’re never afraid to show that they care for each other. They need that love, and I guess the easiest way to get it is from friends who can relate to. Always saying I love you to each other. I think thats wonderful :-)….. we need the adults to show more compassion like that!!


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