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>Feeling good.
Alot better than I was a few hours ago. Anyways, had a little talk to Carrie. She’s a girl I almost would compare to as a second daughter.
I know how she feels down in Snug Harbor. I mean there’s nothing to do, she’s bored, and lonely and all she can do is think about boys. She’s only 11, but she thinks like a 17 year old. She’s supposed to be thinking bout sleepovers and best friends, not about boyfriends and how cute they are and partying yet!. She’s very precocious and soon will be very flirty and promiscuous too. Wish I lived in E-City or Hertfordcc.. I’d be down there every other day if I could.
I just realized she reminds me alot of the way Brandie used to act, but even as boy crazy Brandie was, she was 15. BTW, I wonder Brandie is doing with her daughter? I think her daughter Meghan or Megan, would be 4 or 5 now.

Anyways, she told me she’s moving out to Sacramento, CA with her Dad. I kinda had mixed feelings as I was hoping to help her out while visiting Bobby/Sam. But I really hope she gets to spend more time with her dad.
I told her, that most guys her age aren’t even interested in girls yet, and if they are they’re selfish because they want to make themselves happy and not the girl. I know that she’s lonely, and bored and hurt.. and I told her what helps is to stay busy in school, hangout with your friends more… read books… stuff like that. I think she kind of understood because I was telling her the truth about how she felt.

I care for her alot and I’m just worried that she might get hurt if she falls for the next guy who’s hot, goes out with her for a few months, then leaves. And I really get upset watching someone her age get hurt. I asked her one favor, and that was to stay in touch when she needs someone to talk to. I really hope she does.


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