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>So.. back in Febuary I gave Derris and Steve a heads up that my last day at the house will be April 30th. Well that day is arriving tommorow, and I really haven’t been able to get everything totally moved out. I don’t have a truck to move the entertainment center and couch, and I really need another person to help me out. I’m gonna grab Kenny tommorow morning. The worst was encountering Derris on the road yesterday. So they found out the electric was cut off… and Derris went off ballistic cussing, and ranting being the pissy person he is, telling me “they cut the @#$$ lines!”. Dude… chill.. I said I’ll pay for it. Anyways he looked like he was gonna break a blood vessel.

I talked to Eugene today who told me Bro Van died yesterday. SO far this month, my car was impounded, my licence suspended, Kevin and Vicky are always broke and Vicky won’t stop smoking, I’m needing to move out before I even hear the “E” word, and a close friend dies. This has been really, really bad month. Probably the worst in a few years.

Hey – on the bright side Siobhan Magnus(the screamer)was voted off and Crystal Bowersox wasn’t even in the bottom three last night on Idol !!… LOL


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So I rarely get into watching these reality shows as I’ve always seen them as being a little on the “junk/useless as this doesn’t qualify as real entertainment”, but this season of American Idol is an exception.
Crystal Bowersox is a powerhouse performer and true musician who, not only sings, but plays the guitar and piano! She plays alot of blues & acoustic, and her version of Janis Joplins “Me & Bobby Mcgee” blew everyone away. Simon as critical as he always is, has praised her with good comments on every one of her performances. So I’ll be waiting for her album to come out next year 🙂

Heres the video of her playing of the Beatles “Come Together” – great performance!!

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>Technology invades old school   Leave a comment

>So I walked in a library the other day, and I swear I saw more computers than books!

I mean I love technology, computers, and the next big thing that Google will release… but that was ridiculous! I counted 15 computers in this small little library and all being used!! LOL!

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>Crap…..The other day was a wreck for me. Found out my licence was suspended due to a couple of unpaid tickets from back last year.

Ya know how they say bad new comes in threes? Dunno why, but this was a triple header for me!
Driving back from the DMV, I get pulled over because of the expired inspection & tags, driving on a suspended license. SO.. the PT Cruiser gets impounded because the car was still listed under GOC. Long story short, I finally get the car back with Kevin & Vicky’s help to register the car, and $150 impound fee. THAT Sucked !!

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>Tax time!!…yea!! (sarcasm intended) – Still have yet to get a job, but have an interview next Thursday with a regional taxi cab company. The job entails working as a supervisor in their call center monitoring and training. GOD – thats right up my alley!!!
I’ve gotta really nail the interview. The only thing is the schedule is “12 on 12 off” Friday, Sat, Sunday which I haven’t done since in the CG in Kodiak!! Wonder if my body will keep up. LOL!! I do need Thursday nights off (for the Min school at the Kingdom Hall) which Frank said he didn’t believe Thursdays were scheduled) I hope not because I have to make those meetings.

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Amanda is getting bigger every day. She’s 14 weeks preggo… every day closer to me becoming a “G-dad”.. I’m not ready at all for this to happen. Why?… 1st because I think I’m too young to be one. 2nd – I don’t think Amanda and Derek are quiet ready yet. I know they’ve been married two years now, but I don’t think Derek can handle being a father. I know Amanda has been around and handled babies, which she has really impressed me, but this is permanent. She won’t be able to hand this one back when she want to go out and have fun 😦 – time has seemed to speed up lately as well.

It’s weired but in the past two years, everyonebody, and I mean EVERYBODY seems to be starting famileis and having babies!! Sam and Bobby, Amanda and Derek, Ashley Wessels, Marlayna Prible, Bobby Hodges & Lisa…etc

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>Another earthquake within the past 2 months. This one hit Baja California and was 7.2 on the scale.
A strong earthquake south of the U.S.-Mexico border Sunday swayed high-rises in downtown Los Angeles and San Diego and was felt across Southern California and Arizona, but there were no immediate reports of major damage in the United States. – by the AP news

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