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Imagine being on a 40ft sailboat, by yourself, circumnavigating the seas for the next 6 months – encountering everything from 20ft seas, rain, thunderstorms, and 30degree temperatures. Two young teenager girls have already experienced this.
Abby Sunderland,(left pic) is 16 years old and one brave girl! She started her voyage Febuary 6th, 2010. She’s expected to round Cape Horn sometime next week.
The other gutsy girl is Jessica Watson (right pic) who’s 3 months older than Abby. Her voyage began on Sept 30th, 2009. She should be approaching the southern tip of Australia in bout two weeks.
I think Jessica has had a much easier journey than Abby. Weather is one factor. Abby is sailing on the end of their summer in the southern hemisphere. Also Jessica’s’ blog entries are alot more upbeat than Abbys, even when something goes wrong or breaks. Attitude and mentality is a great deal of endurance, even when it comes to sailing around the world.
Jessica Watsons website: http://jessicawatson.com.au/index.htm
Abby Sunderlands website: http://www.abbysunderland.com/meet-abby.php
I hope both of them stay safe and make it home soon.

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