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>Issues at Geeks On Call – Part II   Leave a comment

>Things at Geeks aren’t looking to bright (for the company that is) The complaints for the services recently done by “Onforce” techs are increasing. And the fact that we’re still quoting rates from 2004 don’t really help!!
I had talked to BJ Harrison (GOC tech/franchise manager up in Hampton) back last month and he told me that GOC had defaulted on the lease here in the building… and guess what!!…… we’re working at home starting next week !! LMAO.

I dunno – the complaints are really starting to piss me off. Everytime I get one from a customer I want to slam the desk because this problem could be easily fixed. Drop the “Onforce” (Third part technicians who “bid” on the jobs on the web page)
I mean we have no idea who we’re sending out to these customers. I think I know more than some of these techs…and I’m not even certified. (that term is relative btw-being certified doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed to be fixed)


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