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>Amanda comes home for a visit!   Leave a comment

>Amanda flew out to visit the first two weeks of August – she really didn’t do much besides go to the movies and hang around Kevin and Vickys, but I really enjoyed having her around this time – she was really energetic, swet and lovable this time – I really miss having her around the family – I know her an Derek are having issues – I really hope they work things out.


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>Uummm I dunno what happened to 2008.. LOL !   Leave a comment

>Soooo…I’m not sure if it’s actually been an entire year since I’ve entered anything in this or not… doesn’t seem right, but anyways!! LOL!

What can I say… I still live at 821 Wilbur in Chesapeake, VA – which is a good thing, Vicky, Kevin, Sue and Kenny still live up in Hampton, VA, which is good, Kenny still plays his games, which is not so good (he could be doing soo much more), Vicky still sits all day on the couch, which is not a good thing at all (she needs to change her lifestyle before she gets a stroke or heart attack).
Amanda is still married to Derek, which is great, but she thinks Derek has been cheating on her.- NOT GOOD. Tim has basically been staying up at Vickys, which is good – this keeps Tim and his negativity away from me.
And most importantly, I’ve become closer to the brothers and sisters in the congregation, and I got baptised on July 11th!! – a very important date 🙂 – Now I have to upkeep my dedication to Jehovah and maintain my love and zeal for the “real work”

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