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Amanda took off for Hawaii today. I’m very upset about her decisions right now. The whole family is for that matter.She will very likely get married and become pregnant while she is out there… in the meantime, she doesn’t even have anything planned out. Nothing… she seems so careless about what going on. I think she has this “happily ever after’ dream going on.
I’ve started distancing myself from her… almost to the point that if she calls… I won’t want to pick up. I’m tired of caring and then seeing their lives go down the drain… I’ve seen it with Tab, my sister, big Amanda, and now my daughter. I don’t think I’m going to mention this to my parents as I don’t see the marriage lasting long enough (maybe a year… if they’re mature enough)

July 4th,2007
I cried alot last night, prayed to our heavenly father also for protection for Amanda. I even read Hebrews 11 last night. I think if anything, going back to meetings again will help me out. I have to keep in mind that these things are only temporary. Vicky told me that Bobby is really upset.


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