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>Jul 3rd, 2004
Things are going pretty good. With the job at GOC (Geeks on Call) Duane has moved me in the back of the office. It’s supposed to be a compliment, being that I don’t need any supervision, BUT….I don’t really have anyone besides Erin and James to talk to….kinda sucks, I miss just turning around and talking to Nichole or Bobby. I feel real good about working there though. I mean the company is expanding at an exponential rate !! Amanda just got her first ultrasound. The outline of the baby is really clear, it’s about 2 1/2″ long and you can see the arms and legs already developing. It’s so neat. When you see a picture like that you realize how amazing life can be. It still blows me away that Amanda’s’ going to be a mom.I don’t doubt she’ll a real good mom….I mean she practically raised Brandon. I just hope she decides to stays her with everyone and not move out. I mean she everyone here for support.


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