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>Sept 12th, 2003
A lot has happened in the past month or so. The worst was when I had walked in on Brandon and Amanda having sex. I was shocked, surprised, upset and mad all at the same time. I wanted to shove Brandon thru the wall into the next town….but was too shocked to do anything. Amanda new I was very upset….I couldn’t even look at her for a few days.
Afterward, we sat down and I asked her how she thought I felt….she new I was very upset to what had happened, and she said she knew she made a mistake. We hugged for awhile, but I know she’ not going to be happy cause we’ve decided on her and Brandon not seeing each other for a while….she’s going to be stressed out cause of her being so attached to him because of having sex and being so close…..she’s already missing him…….what she doesn’t understand is that she is still so young she’s only 14, not 18, not 21….so many thing can happen just in a few years.
Amanda has to ask herself, will she be with Brandon in a year ? Will she be in school and be seeing another boy? Will the family have moved up to Illinois ?…What about her future, her career, what does she want to do for the rest of her life? These are questions she has to ask herself.
She needs to know that at her age things change real fast….just a year and a half ago she was good friends with Jennifer, Brandie & Leah….now she’s changed and are no longer close to them as much….the same could happen with Brandon…and that’s where her heart will get hurt. It’s really tough knowing she won’t listen and go thru that.


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